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2 years ago

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After my first report to go out dressed like lamalinks a tv i around a large bald man to meet again next Thursday night at the same place. That night, while my wife at work was wearing a short summer dress was yellow flowers, bright, bright tan stockings, a white belt, high heels and spent much time on my makeup and pulled my long, dark wig. I could not believe that I looked good, who had been with me. I was shaking like a leaf out of the house and went to the local forest. I went up on the road to a stoplight, a truck pulled alongside and the driver is in my legs and smiles and winks at me. God it felt fine. On arrival at the wood of the bald man was vain lamalinks and was already parked with another type of Gorilla man who was probably even bigger than 6foot sixth fel very vulnerable I started sitting on my clothes. was taken to the car and opened the door, took my hand and helped the car. both men then took each of lamalinks my hands andI started walking on the wood. being only 5 feet 5 i raised to two men, who smiled back, and the larger of the two took my face lamalinks in her hands and kissed me passionately on the lips. his hands moved to the end of my dress and fondled my ass. his hands were in my underwear and put a finger lamalinks into my butt hole and gently lifted me off the ground as this. My face was now level with his and my feet were dangling over the floor of this has made me feel so dominant, but Sun also rotates the other thenstood up behind me I pulled my dress panties down my legs and took me in his arms and shook me like lamalinks a baby. He lifted me up higher, so he could suck his cock while I was cradled yet. i went almost immediately into his mouth, swallowed, then went to a yard and lay on him. dress up and I could feel the liquid being massaged into my butt hole then joined me, my God, it hurt, but the excitement for the pain, as my pussy. hed after hammeringthen come the other took me the same way, although half lifted the door, I sat on my feet I leaned on my ass fuck hole and his partner came from all over the front of my mouth and I was toast. Both were men and after my long kisses and willing to meet again.

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